Simple Fields and WordPress 3.5

Recently the WordPress team released version 3.5 of WordPress. This version feature – among many other things – a great redesign of the add media popup.

So, does Simple Fields work with WordPress 3.5? Quick answer is “yes”, while the long answer is: “yes, but you’ll be stuck with the old media popup for a while”.

I have upgraded several sites + I’ve been using the development/nightly version of WordPress during this fall, and so far I haven’t had one single problem with version 3.5. So you should be safe. And the new media popup will be supported soon too of course. Simple Fields is a project that moves slowly… slowly but steady. 🙂

Oh, and another good thing with WP 3.5 is that the attachment page now uses the regular edit post screen, so theoretically this means that you can add Simple Fields to attachments. Can be pretty useful is some situations. I haven’t tried this myself so far, but please go ahead and try it for me.

7 thoughts on “Simple Fields and WordPress 3.5

  1. Johan provides an if statement which will output some text if the first dropdown option has been selected. It still doesn’t provide any way for me to output what has actually been selected. I’m not interested in what number on the dropdown list that has been selected, I’m interested in outputting the actual content of that selection. provides some details for working with pictures.

    Can you please provide me with a code example that shows how to output “Dog” when the first dropdown has been selected, and not dropdown_num_2?

    1. Pär Thernström Post author

      Something like this should work:

      $dropdown_info = simple_fields_value(“mySlug”, $postID, “extended_return=1”);
      $selected_dropdown_value = $dropdown_info[“selected_value”];

        1. Johan

          After having a second look I’ve found out that it doesn’t output the first drop down option, it outputs the content of another field. It strange because I have used your code and changed “mySlug” to “oprindelse” which is the name of slug used for the drop down, yet it outputs a text field which has “smag” as slug.

          Both are in the same group however.

          Do you have any idea what could be going on here?

          1. Johan

            Oh boy, I’m messing around now. Please disregard my last two posts as it was me not paying attention to my variables. I echoed out a totally different variable than the one created by your code which is why I always seemd to output something unrelated.

            If you want you can delete this and the last two posts.

            Thanks for helping out!

  2. Johan Niemi

    Any idea why your plugin returns “dropdown_num_4″ instead of the actual name of a selected dropdown? Example, depending on what has been selected from the post page, it should return either, Cake, Ice or Water. Yet it returns dropdown_num_2, dropdown_num_3 or dropdown_num_4.

    I’m using this code:

    $selected_value = get_post_meta(get_the_id(), “_simple_fields_fieldGroupID_2_fieldID_6_numInSet_0″, true);
    echo “$selected_value”;

    I’m not sure this is WP3,5 related as something similar was reported a year ago.

    Here users seem to agree that there was a defect in your code, but modifying line 704 in simple_fields.php as suggested seems to have no effect.

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