Help me beta test the next version of Simple Fields

It’s soon time to release a new version of Simple Fields. The next version has pretty many bug fixes, but also some new features like:

  • Support for the new media manager that was introduced in WordPress 3.5 (yes, finally!)
  • Support for adding fields to attachments, attachments now works the way as regular posts: just any amount of fields to an attachment.
  • A new “table” view for repeatable field groups on the edit post screen. It’s a much more compact view with a greater overview of the added field. Mostly suitable for field groups with between 1 and 10 fields.
  • Lots of filters added, making it possible to for example hide the simple fields metabox when editing posts, and making it possible to select post connectors for a post using PHP. I use it all the time; it’s awesome!

But before releasing this new version I would really appreciate if you took it for at test drive and reported any bugs to me. Together we can make the next version as bug free as possible! 🙂

So backup your database and then head over to the Simple Fields Github project page and download the latest version. Then post you bug reports here, to me on twitter, or create a new issue at Github.

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