There are som people and companies I would like to thank for their support:


Oh, that’s me. The main developer of Simple Fields and the guy that does most things on this site.

Angry Creative

The nice people over at the WordPress-centric web bureau Angry Creative contributed with, amoungst other things, the functionality to add fields, field groups and post connectors using plain PHP (instead of using the GUI). A very nice and useful addition to Simple Fields.


The web agency Plucera sponsored the development of 6 new field types for Simple Fields. Thanks a lot for your support!


A lot of the work on version 1 of the plugin, including the Extension API, took place at Earth People, my current employer. Another employee there, Hjalle, is also the person who helped me get started with this domain – taking Simple Fields one important step further.

Translation users + bug reporters

A lot of thanks to all users out there that have reported bugs and also lots of thanks to the users who have translated Simple Fields.