Status Board panel to show WordPress Plugin Downloads

Last week Panic released Status Board for Ipad,  a nice looking app that shows different kinds of data in beautiful way. Pretty much right away I knew I wanted to show the download stats for my Simple Fields plugin.

So today I made a little PHP script that fetches the downloads stats, using the API from (lots of thanks to @deanjrobinson for creating it!) and outputs the data in a format that Status Board understands. Very simple. But damn good looking:


My first plan was to just create a panel for the Simple Fields-plugin, but since it was so easy (just plain JSON) I added the option to add multiple plugins to the panel.


Usage is pretty straightforward:,simple-history,cms-tree-page-view&days=30

This will show stats for three of my plugins plugins (Simple Fields, Simple History and CMS Tree Page View) and it will show the downloads stats for each day the last 30 days.

Just change the arguments to “slug” to whatever your plugins slugs are and it should show your stats instead.

If you’re reading this on an Ipad with Status Board installed you should be able to just click this link to add the above graph:


Update 17 april 2013: source code is now available in this gist.