Updated! New media manager, HTML5 inputs & new space efficient table view

Simple Fields version 1.2 has just been released. Some nice things to mention with this release:

  • Support for the new media manager that was introduced in WordPress 3.5 has been added
  • Fields can now be added to attachments
  • The settings pages is now a bit nicer and more WordPress-ish loooking. Also has more useful info added to them. Oh, they are really nice indeed.
  • There is a new (but optional) space efficient table view
  • Placeholders can be added to text and textarea fields
  • Fancy HTML5 input types have been added as sub types to the text field
  • Lots of filters added, making it possible to customize Simple Fields using plain PHP. Like choosing a post connector for a post based on it’s post type or what categories it belongs to. Cool stuff.

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