Textarea field

The textarea field type is used to store texts that are a bit longer and that may require linebreaks. Example of usage areas is author bios, product fact boxes.

The field can also use the TinyMCE-editor, making the field a fully WYSIWYG-capable field.


// Field slug is "textareaExample"
$text = simple_fields_value('textareaExample');
echo $text;

Output of above:

Elit ipsum placerat accumsan dui nunclorem. Nostrud cum laboris ut lacus morbi.

Pulvinar risus mi minim.

9 thoughts on “Textarea field

  1. BK

    When i use textarea field with html editor enabled i’m unable to add any groups in the post.In the debug it says tinymce not defined.How to overcome this?

    1. Alex

      Right now I use it to get the result shortcode:

      $text = simple_fields_value(‘textareaExample’);
      echo do_shortcode($text);

      but I think it’s not quite right


  2. Paul B

    Please help me with php function. In need to add the code in a php page. Where can I find the code? I need to add a diferent content for each page. Thanks a lot.

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